Tokenhill Dorset Sustainability Policy

Tokenhill is deeply committed to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices into every facet of our operation. Our dedication enhances our environment and enriches our guests' experiences.

1. Resource Efficiency

  • Our laundry services are managed in-house and employ air-drying methods to reduce energy usage significantly.
  • We use Earth Breeze for washing detergent sheets, a choice that supports waste reduction, various social causes, and environmental sustainability.
  • Our cleaning practices include refillable Ecover washing-up liquid and reusable cloths, further minimizing waste.
  • To promote responsible waste management, we've equipped all accommodations with recycling and compost bins.

2. Energy Conservation

  • We collaborated with Plankbridge, a local firm, to construct our huts. They feature double-glazing and superior insulation, ensuring energy efficiency. These huts are built using modern timber frame techniques, sheep's wool insulation, and a vapour barrier, optimizing comfort throughout the year.
  • Future plans include implementing solar power for an even more sustainable energy solution.
  • We prioritize sourcing and offering locally-produced items to our guests, thereby reducing the carbon footprint linked to transportation.
  • Our food hampers, filled with local produce and presented in reusable containers, aim to reduce plastic usage.
  • Our guest amenities include products from the Bramley range, known for their commitment to eco-friendliness, refillable bottles, and 'Who Gives A Crap' recycled toilet paper, which donates 50% of its profits to global water and sanitation projects.

3. Biodiversity and Environmental Stewardship

  • Our site features newly planted native trees and a small copse, fostering biodiversity and creating serene, private spaces for our guests.
  • We support local wildlife through bird boxes and have received grant aid from FWAG for planting a native hedge along Fishangles Lane.
  • A wildflower bank enhances our site's natural beauty and provides a thriving habitat for local wildlife.
  • We exclusively use flowers from our gardens for guest arrangements, eliminating the carbon footprint typically associated with commercial flower transport and packaging."